About the Ilovo Boulevard

Illovo is a prestigious mixed use development node in the northern development corridor of Johannesburg equidistant between the landmark nodes of Rosebank and Sandton. The growth of the Illovo node resulted from a joint public/private sector initiative.

The development rights allow for the expansion of the buy replica rolex watches Illovo node westwards - to its natural boundary - were approved by the Local Authority in 1997. These rights were dependent upon three firsts in terms of town planning - the completion of a Precinct Development Plan, an engineering services agreement and the establishment of a management forum through which ongoing civic interests and concerns could be addressed.

The rights allow for 120 000m² of commercial rights and 26000m² of residential rights to be developed. In the short period since development commenced in 1999, the Illovo Boulevard has cheap rolex replica watches seen some 85 000m² of development for many high profile corporate businesses, including Mettle, IQ Health, Iota Financial Services, JP Morgan, Webber Wenzel Bowens, Aon Insurance, Brait Bank, and the Gordon Institute for Business Science.

Many factors have contributed to the success of the Illovo Boulevard:

  • prime location
  • excellent telecommunication
  • controlled urban design
  • good north/south and east/west accessibility
  • full service upgrades including water, storm water and sewerage
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Illovo Boulevard's strong public space management ensures the sustainability of long term value.